About Us

Whether you’re large, small, or somewhere in between, our expert team has the knowledge, advice and support you need to keep your business moving

From picking up groceries to filling our cars, Australia’s road transport industry provides the support that keeps the country moving. With more than 55,000 trucking companies employing more than 140,000 people across the country, the road transport industry is one of Australia’s biggest economic drivers. And it’s only getting stronger.

At NatRoad, we not only recognise, but champion the contribution road transport professionals like you make. That’s why we’re working hard to help your businesses prosper.

Our Story

We’ve been helping road freight businesses stay on the road since 1948. As the only association to represent the trucking industry nation-wide, we know a thing or two about the unique aspects of running a business in road transport.

NatRoad is not-for-profit and 100% funded via its membership fees and business partnerships – that means we’ll always put you first.

How we can help

Keeping you safe

Thanks to a concerted effort across the industry, accidents involving road freight transport have decreased significantly over the last decade. In fact, research shows that in collisions involving fatalities, transport drivers were found to not be at fault in 93% of incidents. With continued communication with our members and other stakeholders, we hope to see these numbers improve even more.

Giving you a say

We believe road transport operators and their employees should have a say in the development of transport policy and the laws that affect them. That’s why we not only advocate on your behalf but encourage and facilitate ongoing communication that helps you understand your roles and responsibilities under the law and access training designed to keep you safe and compliant.

Providing the right support

Offering our members world-class leadership, support and development opportunities are some of our key priorities. That’s why our tools, networking and education have been developed with your needs in mind. Whether your business is big, small, or somewhere in between, we’ve got the support you need to stay profitable and on the road.

Our History

The National Road Transport Operators Association was formed in 1994 when the Long Distance Road Transport Association (started in 1948) and the National Transport Federation (started in 1986) decided to combine their respective strengths. From this partnership, NatRoad has developed into Australia’s leading Association for long distance and regionally based road freight operators. In 2008, NatRoad merged with the Australian Road Train Association to create the largest and most powerful grassroots national representative organisation in Australia.

Want to know more?

You can find more detailed information about membership here. If you have other questions or would like a more detailed discussion about the work we do, contact us.